Immigration to Ukraine

Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

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    Entry to Ukraine on a private visa or visa-free

  • 2.

    Marriage with the citizen of Ukraine

  • 3.

    Getting a marriage certificate

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    Return to Ukraine and obtaining a residence permit for 2 years

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    Obtaining a visa D at the Embassy of Ukraine

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Opportunity to issue a passport of Ukrainian citizen upon expiry of a residence permit

Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

Work permit

Residence permit based on work permit. For:

6 mo.
1 year
3 year

The possibility of filing documents for obtaining a residence permit right after the marriage.


Assistance in obtaining a student visa to medical universities, on agricultural and economic faculties.

Residence permit and work permit in Europe

We help to obtain a work permit and residence permit in many European countries after arriving to a selected country.

Ukrainian customs

We provide full support in passing the passport and customs controls at Ukrainian airports.

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This option consists of some advantages for our customers. The one of them is getting residence permit as fast as possible. No need to come to Ukraine and go back to your country to register the marriage document at the Embassy of Ukraine. Customer comes to Ukraine and we do quick preparation of the documents needed for residence permission. On the other hand, the third option includes of some minuses. You have no possibility to get the passport of Ukraine after 2 years because you register the marriage with the same foreigner.

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We open the company for our customer in Ukraine, register it at tax authorities and get the work permit from Employment Service. After the permission to work, we send this document to our customer by Delivery Service. After receiving work permit the person we work with gets visa (Type D) at the Embassy of Ukraine. The next step is coming to Ukraine and getting residence permit based on your visa and work permit (accordance with the type of this permission).

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In some cases, we make exceptions and the citizen of Ukraine can arrive to our customer to register the marriage.

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